Curriculum Alignment

The 2005-11 GEAR UP grant supported a series of “Math Summits,” which allowed Hawai‘i Department of Education (HIDOE) and University of Hawai‘i (UH) to meet regularly to align their expectations and mathematics curricula. That grant also brought HIDOE and UH educators together to develop curricula and materials in expository writing.

GEAR UP plans to coordinate a new round of Math Summits to work toward better articulating the mathematics curricula of elementary, middle, and high schools and the development of trainings related to the Hawai‘i Common Core Standards.

English Forums will also be convened to bring together HIDOE and UH stakeholders to develop a successful approach to teaching expository writing and collaboratively align their curricula and expectations, ensuring that the adopted standards align with postsecondary expectations for first-year college students’ knowledge and skills.