Advanced Placement (AP)

Participation in college-level coursework in high school can increase students’ exposure to and aspirations for postsecondary success.  Specifically, research has shown that Advanced Placement (AP) course-taking is linked to college persistence and, when paired with training in time management and study skills, improves at-risk high school students’ postsecondary outcomes.

To support efforts in expanding the AP program, GEAR UP has partnered with the Hawai‘i Department of Education (HIDOE) and the University of Hawaii (UH) to provide online AP classes, tutoring programs, and other support services for students at low-income schools using existing virtual classroom technologies.

To ensure student readiness for the rigors of AP courses, GEAR UP is also working with HIDOE to support the professional development of AP teachers, vertical alignment of subject area curricula, and the implementation of a HIDOE-based “pre-AP” class which teaches students study skills and prepares them for the higher expectations associated with AP classes.